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• $1,000 worth of portfolio investments included (you cannot lose).
• Our guarantee to help small to medium-sized businesses (and more).
• Build instant trust as you can use our "Brand," practically as your own "Brand."
• Imagine thousands of "Gold Members" generating revenues for you.
• Imagine becoming the go-to-person because of your new connections & services.
• Imagine the "League" helping you "stake" your claim in the business world.
• Imagine the "League" helping you become a Person-of-Interest (so people chase you).
• Imagine engaging more followers because of our unique benefits and services.
• Imagine huge interest rates from FDIC insured U.S. Banks. (4% to 7%) daily.
• Revenue generated by simply having a "League" Gold Membership.
• Revenue generated by inviting other people and organizations to join.
• Revenue generated by saving on your business operating expenses.
• Revenue generated your first day. How? Just engage with other people.
• Revenue generated from the "Business Chamber of Commerce CREDIT UNION.
• Revenue generated from the Can't-Lose-Principal Crypto Trading Platform.
• Revenue generated with 3 "No Credit Check" financers for your customers.
• Revenue generated by saving on your payroll expenses.
• Revenue generated by saving on your employee medical expenses.
• Revenue can be generated by saving on Corporation startups.
• Revenue generated from NO CHARGEBACK credit card processing. See video
• Revenue generated ($1-for-$1) from credit card transactions.
• Take advantage of our "Brand".
• Take advantage of our connections.
• Take advantage of the "Chamber" AAA+ Rating for YOUR business included.
• Take advantage of our "vetting process" for added new products and services.
• Take advantage of our community.
• Take advantage of us "telling" our program for you. Just send a link.
• Take advantage of our 21 years in-the-making of the "league" process.
• Take advantage of our $0 upfront cost advertising (pay-per-sale).
• Take advantage of Support Local Business Day™ to help LOCAL businesses.
• Take advantage of "touting" your website correctly to STOP losing customers.
• Take advantage of how to cold-call, without cold-calling.
• Take advantage of Top-Secret Boss similar to the CBS show; UnderCover Boss.
• Take advantage of Discount Office Supplies for your business.
• Take advantage of how customers "close you" on your own products.
• Take advantage of our GUARANTEED profits for any Restaurant.
• Soon, you'll be able to reach-out-and-touch business advice from your peers.
• You should watch Whale of an Idea™ (Think Shark Tank). See below!
• BUILD a "Gold Member" Agency. Thousands of people will help you. See below.
• Guaranteed cash advances for "Gold Members." See below.
• The "Chamber" Credit Union. Over 1-billion in assets, NOW YOURS? See below.
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"Gold Members" Automatically Qualify
For an Airing of Their Idea.
Affiliate Commission Structure.
Marketing "Gold Memberships" is optional. You can be just a customer if you like. Here's the payment plan if interested. "Gold Memberships" retail for $297. You'll make $100 upfront (payable now), plus $4 per plateau compounded for 12 plateaus (3 x 12 when it's released).
More products will be added.
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Leslie Robert Wolfe.
How Much Money Can I Earn With This Program?
FTC (Federal Trade Commission) states that we cannot make ANY income claims.
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